Our Story

Memories of Retail Location / Letter from the Owners


Originally from Maryland, Joshua's first childhood memories of food  were picking fresh fruit from his Grandfather's - known as "Buck's" garden. Joshua also spent a lot of time watching his Bavarian mother cooking and baking as a child. Eventually, his love of art and food led to an interest in pursuing a career in the food industry. He enrolled in the esteemed pastry program at The Baltimore International College - School of Culinary Arts. In 1999, he received a degree in Applied Science in Professional Baking & Pastry. 

Inspired by the slower pace and southern style, Joshua and his wife,  moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina in 2007, where they raise their four children; two boys and two girls. Life is full of laughter, fun and hard work. They like to celebrate the "little moments" and could not find a family friendly sit down environment to share simple treasures of ice cream and desserts. This led to the decision to open a local Ice Cream Shoppe, serving Homemade Ice Cream in Raleigh, NC. They desired a place where family, friends, and youth could come and celebrate life!

Many ask where the Shoppe's name came from. The simple answer is, everyone does a cow theme for ice cream. They wanted to be different and incorporate part of their last name as a tribute to Joshua's grandfather, so Buck was certainly going to be included in the name. Buck needed a friend, so the logo was made with a local graphic artist  of a Wood Chuck and Buck eating ice cream in the forest. This was the beginning of Chuck & Buck Cones 'N Cups. The Shoppe opened in September 2014. Opening in the fall had not been the original plan, but everything worked out and God brought them through the early months as a new business starting from scratch. 

Over the years, people have grown to know and love the specialty items that Chuck & Buck provides. The owners take great pride in offering over 100 premium ice cream flavors made with real butter cream, no high fructose corn syrup, and no sticky chemicals. Waffle cones and bowls are made daily, and they keep gluten free cones on hand. Fresh cakes, perfect served warm with a scoop of ice cream, are brought in using local bakers and sliced daily. Birnn Chocolate truffles are imported from Vermont, where they have been making chocolates since 1915. A lot of thought went into the layout of the Shoppe. There is enough seating to have a birthday party or even a youth group outing. A perfect indoor spot to get away from the sun and bugs, especially in the hot heat of NC Summers. Often times board games are laid out and both kids, as well as adults, are playing while enjoying time together.  Something you don't see very much anymore with cell phones and tables. When people come to Chuck & Buck Cones 'N Cups it's like going back in time. 

For those with nut sensitivities, they can rest assured when ordering because the ice cream with nuts are kept in a different cabinet. Not only are they operate, but there is a different dipping well and scoop system with different water lines to prevent cross contamination. Janel and Joshua said one of the highlights of serving is hearing things like this from one Mom: "I have never been able to take my daughter to get ice cream anywhere because they cannot provide an environment to protect my child. I am thrilled to say she is now 8 and we found out about Chuck and Buck through friends. It is such a treat and we come here often Thank you for caring about those with special needs!" There is something for everyone in your party. They serve vanilla yogurt with local Vintage Bee Raw Honey and have Italian ice too for those who have non-dairy needs. 

It was a big surprise and honor to receive NC's best ice cream voted by YELP in July of 2016.  They continue to have 5 stars coming through weekly of people showing their appreciation for customer service and quality ice cream. For the entire family, it is a labor of love. You will often find them working together, stocking ice cream, cleaning and serving. Around town they are known as the "Buckingham 6." Joshua and Janel are thankful for the Team that works every day to keep the doors open and create an environment where people can have wholesome fun. They encourage you to bring your sports team, youth group, book club, friends, and family.   


Fast Forward to 2018:

To Our Wonderful Customers,

We wanted to inform you that Saturday, April 28, 2018, will be our last day to serve you in our retail location. We have decided not to renew our lease due to many factors. We will continue to provide great ice cream, desserts and customer service through catering and special events only. We have thought long and hard about this decision, and it comes down to family. We have four children who need our time, and as you know the days are long, but the years are short!

We have been active in this business since we began the renovation in March of 2014. We have been proud to serve you all, and want to continue on a different platform. Thank you in advance for your continued support of Chuck & Buck Cones 'N Cups. We can cater weddings, schools, camps, corporate and have much success in doing so with places like Cary Academy, Thales Academy, Eaton, PointSource, RedHat and more.

Kind regards, Joshua and Janel Buckingham